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Hi everyone, Here is just a little bit about me and how it all began for me. I, like most teenagers started mowing some yards here and there for some extra money. I kind-of put it off over the years to finish school and do some other things. In 2008 while being a full-time police officer in Marion and a part-time college student at Arkansas State, I again leaned back towards the lawn industry for some extra income. GARDNER Lawn Service was then formed as a real business from the ground up.

I started off very small in the lawn industry part-time in 2008. At that time I was using my personal truck, small trailer, and my parents used mowing equipment. Within a year of starting out with only mowing part-time, word of mouth from happy customers had taken off. I was getting calls everyday for more and more new business. I was fortunate enough by 2009 to began full-time and growing my business the way I wanted. We added in weed control and fertilization programs and it has grown us to where we are today. We have had a constant steady growth to be bigger and move more efficient each year.

We are based and do most of our business out of Marion, Arkansas, as well as serving the surrounding areas; West Memphis, Crawfordsville, Proctor, Hughes, and Horseshoe Lake.

I consider us to be very professional, well based on customer satisfaction, quality, and loyalty to our customers. We deliver great, reliable, top-notched service every time guaranteed! We have a passion for what we do at Gardner Lawn Service and we go the extra mile to make our customers happy.

Leave it to us and we can MOW or SPRAY Away the Competition for You.

Brandon Gardner
Gardner Lawn Service

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