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Lawn Care Tips
You may think that lawn work is very easy. Everyone can mow a yard, yes but can everyone do it right? No! Maintaining a manicured lawn is no easy task. You have to know what your doing and do it right, time after time to keep a healthy lawn and landscaping.

  • Mower Deck Height

    • Please do not set your deck as low as it will go and mow your lawn. This is bad for your mower and terrible for your lawn. Yes it will grow back over time but your just opened up another can of worms by making it much more likely for it to get a disease and weed problems.
    • I recommend for our area not to mow grass under 3 inches tall and as it gets hotter raise the deck some more. This helps keep green, pretty, healthy, carpet like grass

  • Chemical Spraying 
    • This is no job for the average home owner. It takes a broad knowledge, training, and schooling to do this task right and safe. It is very dangerous to mix chemicals that the average person wouldn't know very much about as well as hazardous to yourself, pets, and anyone around you.  
    • Please contact a lawn care specialist that is licensed to apply chemicals to your lawn in your state. This makes everything legal, safe, keeps your liability down on something going wrong, and normally its even cheaper than purchasing all of the products to do it yourself.
  • Fertilization
    • Fertilization goes along with weed control to have a nice green healthy lawn. Fertilizer doesn't just make your lawn greener and grow faster. When you use the right mixture, the right amount, and at the right times it makes the grass thick, lush, green, greener longer, and helps prevent weeds as well.
    • Also soil test your lawn for pH and nitrogen amounts before applying anything to it. If you hire us I know it will be done regularly and if you hire someone else have them actually show you the meter rather than just take their word that it will be monitored. Be involved with your service providers.
  • Landscaping
    • Doing your own landscape maintenance isn't that dangerous. You may not know how to properly shape bushes/trees or what time of year is best for them but more than likely if you do it wrong they will grow back and give you another try.
    • Don't forget a good pre-emergent when keeping up your own beds to cut down on the weeds that pop up.
    • When doing your own mulch, don't over apply it. Normally 2-3 inches worth of mulch is what you want to achieve. Anything more than that your setting up for diseases and mold to begin to form. You can apply a thin layer over existing mulch to freshen up the appearance but once you get 3 inches deep you may want to start taking some out of the beds before touching up the look.
    • Mulch isn't just for decoration. It actually helps keep moisture in the beds, keep plants healthy with the moisture retention and in the colder months keeps them somewhat insulated.
  • Aeration/Dethatching/Watering
    • These go hand in hand with each other. Lawns and landscaping both need to be watered regularly. I typically water mine once a week when we aren't getting many rains and I give it about an inch worth of water each time. It is better to give your lawn and shrubs a heavy watering once than 2-3 light waterings. This is because the water will not be able to seep down as deep as it needs to before it dries up. If you saturate the soil it has no choice but to go down to the roots.
    • Except when there is too much thatch built up on top of the soil. When this happens your loosing nutrients as well as the water not being able to seep into the ground. I recommend dethatching at least once per year, more depending on the condition the lawn is in.
    • Aeration goes along with the dethatching in a way. Running an aerator over your lawn once or twice a year at different times help by poking holes in the soil, loosing it up where it can breathe and allow water and nutrients to absorb. 


        If you have any questions at all please still free to contact us at any time. Even if you do your own lawn or have another lawn care company we can still give you advice to better your outcome.

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